Art is my way of exploring the world and making sense of my experiences. In this process, I seek a pause, a deeper breath, an awakening. Each gesture is an experiment in which I endeavor to transform materials into visual statements. This is soulful, life affirming work that connects me to joyousness and the primacy of creation.

I enjoy teaching and working with other artists, and do so from the perspective that experimentation, working in a series, and maintaining an initially non-judgmental attitude toward one's work in progress, is the basis of a productive and enthusiastic art practice.

- Carol C Spaulding

Carol C Spaulding grew up in Kalamazoo, MI and earned her BFA from Syracuse University School of Art, with a concentration in ceramics and fiber arts.  Since then she has explored a range of subject matter and mediums including oil, gouache, acrylic, wood, fiber and mixed materials collage. Her popular "Messing Around with Paint" workshops offer art making experiences to beginning and seasoned artists alike, at her studio and gallery near Maple City, MI on the Leelanau Peninsula. Her work has been shown in galleries and museums, and has received numerous awards.